HeartWaves Institute is enlivened through centered heart community... 

Community gathers together in true presence and authentic witness of ourselves, each other and the multidimensional community of which we are a part.  In community we have the opportunity to grow along the path of the centered heart. 

You are welcome here.  

“ I have attended several of the centered heart meditations held at the Hildegarden. I have had such a great experience each time. It is both relaxing and enlightening. I find myself being grounded and at the same time, connected to something higher and full of light. It is a profound experience and I am grateful for Michelle’s guidance in helping me experience this realm.
— Meghan
“ I enjoyed the intuition workshop very much. It helped me to know that we are all intuitive at some level and definitely not alone in our experience. Michelle was wonderful in directing our meditations and helping us to stay grounded. Thank you so much!
— Kathy
I’ve been able to participate twice in the Sunday call in meditations. I can’t thank you enough for providing this extra time to ground and grow. The last session was so beneficial in my own life situation, thank you! I appreciate you and look forward to the Hildegarden Sundays as well. Blessings
— Theresa
I have known, Michelle for several years and participated in her guided meditations. I have been amazed by her intuitive nature, guidance and loving presence! She is a blessing in my life
— Roseanne
“The daily energy routing, from “Your Whole Self” workshop is what I find very beneficial. Making this my day’s beginning followed-up with my TaiChi/QiGong practice centers and energizes me. The beginning routine is easy to remember and my whole heart and being smiles after the ‘grounding polarity exercises” when my feet feel cool and tingly. That is my new day beginning. Sometime ago I stopped my routine, “life” experiences consumed me an when my body said, “ Listen you are not taking care of yourself. You have some tools now use them.” So after reflecting on what it was that makes me feel the best, I am back into my routine (which I often modify) but always begin with the “Daily Energy Routine.” I am feeling better. I believe in alternative health care. I know these methods are only good if I use them. I am grateful to Michelle for sharing her knowledge and journey. Blessings”
— Lynne
Just wanted to take a minute to share the wonderful experiences I’ve had when I attended several of Michelle’s classes. Michelle was very in tune with the energy of the classes and made sure we all stayed grounded. She gave everyone the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings without any pressure. She made sure that all questions were addressed. She helped each of us realize our power and potential. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy any class she facilitates.
— Jo
Michelle Bozeman has a way of guiding one into a state of awareness and meditation that leaves even a novice feeling refreshed in mind, body and spirit. I have participated in several of her once-a-month evening meditation sessions at the Hildegarden that have given a lasting effect beyond the hour-long time that the group spent together. Michelle is supportive of each individual’s experience - no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ experiencing meditation. And in addition to the monthly meditation sessions, I participated in Michelle’s Empath Survival Guide Discussion Circle. The power of joining in discussion with others who have similar, though different, experiences as empaths is so amazing. Again, Michelle respects each person’s experience, making one feel that there is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ experience as an empath. But there are ways to become more self-aware and self-protective in various situations. This discussion group came at a time that was so chaotic in my life and has given me ‘survival’ guidance. Michelle allows and encourages the group to support one another. She facilitates discussion, offering her expertise as needed for clarification or gentle direction. I highly recommend both the Centered Heart Meditation and the Empath’s Survival Discussion Circle
— Kathryn
I just wanted to share how much I enjoy taking Michelle’s classes. I use the energy techniques that I have learned in these classes in my daily life to help me to stay healthy and balanced. I always leave the classes with a renewed sense of well being. She draws wonderful folks to her and being in that energy is so important and helps me to be ready to go back into the world. My only wish is that I could find more time in my busy schedule to attend more often!
— Maggie
If you’ve found it difficult to break patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, or if you want to interrupt your inner dialogue and replace it with something healthier - attend one of her classes or contact her personally. She’s one of the wisest and least judgmental women I know, and I aspire to be more like her! I have recommended her classes to many- if you seek transformation, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better guide.
— Angela