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Michelle Cameron Bozeman

Teacher, healer, and visionary are some of the aspects of Michelle's being that have manifested in her life's path. She has engaged with these aspects to create evolutionary programs in the fields of healthcare, wellness, education and spiritual development.

Michelle is the founder and facilitator of HeartWaves Institute. It is through living her own centered heart path that she has been called to this work.

She believes that everyone's path is unique and aligns your awareness with your own centered heart. Through this alignment your own clarity, consciousness and energetic vitality will support the flow of your unique and vital heartwaves into the world. It will support right relationship with the multidimensional world in which we exist and allow you to hold your sovereign place in the sacred circle of life.

Michelle received her BS in Nursing from Kent State University in Ohio, is trained and board certified as a holistic nurse, is a Reiki master, and is a certified instructor for the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. She is also a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honor society.

She is a trained Health and Wellness Coach and Traditional Hawiian Touch practitioner. Additionally she has training in Emotion Code, Touch for Health and the Grounding and Subtle Energy practices from SpiritHeal Institute. She is a Licensed HeartMath Coach.

Michelle shares her life with her husband Michael and enjoys RV'ing, Scottish Country Dancing, Square Dancing, Music and the creative pursuit of paper crafting. She lives on the North Coast near Lake Erie. Her family is full and rich with 4 grandchildren and numerous friends and family.